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without your health, what else is there?

reclaim your health, recapture your youth, reignite your life

Our health is our #1 most important asset. It affects every part of our lives; sleep, stress, external appearance, internal diseases, mental clarity, physical energy –the list goes on. 

Pure and simple, if we aren’t operating optimally, it impacts everything.

Before you continue, let me ask you this…
Do you look in the mirror and wonder where “you” went? or maybe you avoid mirrors and photos all together? 
Does how you look, and how you feel, preoccupy your thoughts?
Are you constantly reliving your glory days, so you can avoid your present days?
Do you feel stuck and stagnant, and need guidance to get going again? 
Do you want to feel younger, shed excess weight, get stronger and reclaim your health?
Do you want to feel (and look) your best, so you can absolutely slay in every aspect of your life?


If you answered YES to any of those questions - I have good news. Living a healthy, balanced life, where you look and feel your best, is totally possible! As a deep health coach, I work with individuals who have one, if not many roadblocks, and teach them lifelong habits for sustainable, total life health. 

My clients lose weight, get stronger and feel like the athletes we are all born to be. More importantly, my clients feel younger, and learn everything they need to continue their lifelong health journey well beyond our time together.

What does it take? Consistency, consistency, consistency…and someone in your corner who teaches you and believes in you. I will give you the plan, the knowledge, and the confidence to achieve your biggest goals. 

Afterall, without your health, there is no wealth.

Are you ready to start? Let’s chat. 

Female Dancer

Sarah K

I've suffered from chronic migraines my whole life, and haven't had a significant, debilitating migraine since I starting working with Sunnee...

that right there is worth the investment!



Simply put... Sunnee has given me my life back. I found Sunnee on my 3rd year of recovery from a broken vertebrae and 2 herniated discs that I was determined to rehab without surgery. No one wanted to work with me. My history in extreme sports has left me with a laundry list of injuries that scared away everyone I talked to including Doctors. Luckily I got Sunnee to meet with me and I told her my plan and that I needed someone with her experience to guide me. Not scared away Sunnee said she was up for the challenge as long as we worked in conjunction with a Physical Therapist.


Now we are a year in and I can't even quantify the difference in my life. We set small attainable goals and have not stopped progressing. Sunnee's attention is second to none! She is constantly checking in with my levels of pain and discomfort and making adjustments on the fly so I can continue to make gains even when my body is not cooperating. This is something I have never found in a personal trainer. She comes to our sessions with a new plan each day and sometimes has to change it several times on the fly based on what she is seeing in me so I never have to worry about physical plateaus, she has that under control. When it comes to mental plateaus she is always there to help me from looking too far forward so I can stay focused on now. Bottom line is Sunnee can help you reach and exceed any of your fitness and/or recovery goals. 


1 year ago I was struggling to make it through the day. 3 months into working with Sunnee I was Fly fishing 4-6 days a week. 6 months in I am playing roller Hockey (just drills), Boxing a little bit, hiking and working out 3 days a week with Sunnee. Most notably I feel happy again and everyone in my life can see it and feel it. That's the best gift in the world and I have Sunnee's unwavering dedication to my recovery to thank for it! 

Ian N.

About Sunnee Blake


my coaching style. I specialize in developing deep health programs to help you achieve your biggest health goals, and build the healthy, happy lifestyle you desire. That means you wont have to blow up your life, have it revolve around nutrition, or exercise for hours a day to see results. My sustainable, consistency-focused approach yields incredible results without extreme measures to get there (good bye restrictive diets!!). And even better, throughout our time together, I teach you everything you need to know to continue on your health journey for the lifetime after our work together is complete.

So you can sleep happily knowing you are on the path to transforming your health, and creating lasting results. 


A TOTAL LIFE APPROACH.  Fitness & health are more than the time spent exercising - health applies to nearly every single choice you make throughout the day. Being consistently good trumps heroic perfection. So I will work with you to create sustainable, repeatable lifelong habits , to get you the results you desire.  

PROGRAMS BUILT TO BE SAFE & EFFECTIVE. Any trainer can kick your butt and make you lose weight – but there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Unless you are training for a physique competition, I do not believe in restrictions, two-a-days or stressing over every single thing you ingest. Throughout training, we often forget that fitness and health should not come at the price of pain, injury or mental suffering. All programs emphasize increasing physical and mental performance all while resolving pain, preventing injury and getting you to love every aspect of your life. Movement and mobility reset days, as well as mindfulness practices are a part of every training program, with outcomes tailored to each clients personalized needs.  


Why should you care?!!?  Because health isn’t just about looking good, its about feeling confident and content throughout the process.

If you want to live a life you love, and feel the best you've ever felt, then let’s start a conversation.

after all, without your health, what else is there?

I’m ready when you are.


I'm a multi-certified health coach (personal trainer, nutrition & habit and mindset) with over 17-years in the industry. My specialty is in working with my clients to achieve their biggest goals by developing habits which create sustainable, lifelong results. My plans are easily followed, 100% personalized, and allow you to live the life you love. Technically speaking, my specialties are in nutrition & mindset coaching (abundance & habit-building), movement & mobility, performance training, HIIT, cycling and functional strength training. 

Why do I do what I do? I am passionate about connecting with people to find their true motivation and coach them to achieve their biggest goals. I am sincerely honored by each and every person who trusts me with their health, and I never take that responsibility for granted. 

I’m a self-proclaimed spaz and goof ball, and I believe exercise & food choices can be both effective and fun. There are so many things we can do to be strong, healthy individuals, so let's not suffer through the process! 

My philosophy is that we work harder when we are enjoying ourselves (research shows that, too.), so I strive to create an environment that’s non-intimidating, accessible, motivational and fun for all. Don’t be fooled by my “sunnee” disposition, though. The #1 feedback I receive is, “I never thought I could work that hard,” and the results always follow.




Nutrition Essentials


PN1 Nutrition

Certified Coach


Movement & Mobility Specialist


Certified Personal Trainer


Habit Coach




RPM (Indoor cycling)
Advanced Instructor


SPRINT (HIIT CYCLING) Advanced Instructor


Advanced Instructor


BODY ATTACK (Sports Performance)
Advanced Instructor


Qualified Trainer


Certified Instructor


Certified Instructor


Kick Boxing Certification

Certifications & Education


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