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21-Day Momentum Challenge

A health & mindset challenge designed specifically for a strong transition from 2020 to 2021. 

december 14 - january 4, 2021

What's included

2020 has been a trying year. Whether you're tired, beat down, depressed, lonely...or energized and ready to crush 2021...this challenge is designed to build you up to the strong, amazing individual that you are, get that head held high and that mind strong for 2021. Of course, this challenge also includes nutrition & fitness goals, but the focus of the challenge will be on creating momentum to end 2020 on a positive note and set you up to achieve your biggest goals in 2021!

*note: this challenge will be run through a private Facebook group*


weekly mindset & momentum work. Weekly "assignment" designed to help you build momentum towards a goal you personally pick for 2021 - you work through that assignment for the week & relay any learnings, struggles, etc. to the community for inspiration & any support.
This assignment will be designed to be completed in minutes a day, so no worries there - I know we are ALL busy

workouts & nutrition guidance. Additional daily movement & nutrition challenges designed to prime your body towards optimal health.


Weekly workouts. As an added bonus, you will be given 3x workouts per week that you can complete whether you workout from home or have access to a gym.


community of support. You will join the challenge Facebook community of other FastFit members where you can seek daily motivation, accountability and support.


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