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the most common training pitfalls that can derail you

seeking advice when you have training goals


discover the benefits of sunnee blake fitness 

Get fit, fast.

1-on-1 and virtual plans have been designed and tested to build strong, lean, powerful bodies efficiently and effectively.


So you get fit, fast. 

(like 30-minutes a day fast)


1-on-1 virtual programs are tailored to your EXACT needs - fitness goals, time, space, equipment & lifestyle. 


Fitness built around YOUR life, and not the other way around.

Efficient + Effective


Time is valuable - all programs are designed for BUSY people.


People who can't (or don't want to) spend hours training each day.

Real-Time Coaching

Personal training & select programs include real-time coaching and expertise from Coach Sunnee - you can ask any and all questions that come up - so you're never left wondering if you're doing something right!  

Anywhere, Anytime

Delivered through the FastFit mobile app - for people who need to be able to train anywhere, anytime, without a bunch of fancy equipment.


Video Breakdown

Every move and workout is filmed, with technique breakdown & modifications/progressions  available for any fitness level.

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