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Offering Employee

wellness programs

One of the greatest perks you can give to your employees is

a commitment to their physical & mental health...

As a leader in corporate America for over 15-years, I know that what often sets an employer apart is their dedication & commitment to their employees health and well-being, and any "perks" that come with the job. Healthy, happy employees take less sick days, are more productive, and report higher job satisfaction than their unhealthy counterparts. Additionally, many health insurance companies offer lower premium rates when there is a corporate wellness program. That's why I am partnering with businesses to deliver wellness programs tailored to their companies specific needs. All programs are 100% customized and can include personal training/fitness programs, employee health challenges, nutritional coaching, education & seminars, and much more.

services offered

100% personal training, via virtual Sunnee Blake Fitness mobile app

If you want to offer your employees the most personalized experience, then personal training is where it's at. Personal training can be specific to the individual or a group (i.e. a run club, love for boxing, etc.). Due to the personalized nature of this offering, services depend on company size.

Fitness, nutrition & habit coaching programs

I can develop a specific program designed to the needs, requests & fitness level of your employees.

Company challenges

Want to encourage your employees to embrace a healthy lifestyle? I can design a time-based challenge focusing on weight loss, moving more, mindfulness, nutrition, etc.

Virtual & on-site wellness education

Would you like to educate your employees on the importance of maintaining a healthy body & mind? I  can speak directly to the needs of your employees, answer questions, give advice and recommendations either in-person or virtually at conferences, meetings, etc.


Why Sunnee Blake Fitness?

providing elite training for busy people, to transform health from the inside out

Coach Sunnee, founder of Sunnee Blake Fitness, specializes in developing fitness, nutrition, and mindset programs to help you build the healthy lifestyle you desire. That means you wont have to blow up your life, have it revolve around nutrition, or exercise for hours a day to see results. My sustainable, consistency-focused approach yields incredible results without extreme measures to get there. And even better, my train anywhere, anytime plans are designed and tested to build strong, powerful bodies efficiently and effectively. So you can sleep happily knowing you are on the path to transforming your health, and creating lasting results.


I am all about giving my clients the tools they need to live sustainably healthy lives far beyond our time working together - you can take confidence knowing that you'll not only give your employees a great benefit, but you'll also be teaching them how to live happy, healthy and balanced lives.

And we all know, happy employees = productive employees.


If you would like to talk about how I can help add value to your employee offering, click below to schedule an introductory 1-on-1 phone consult. 

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