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shred, sculpt & strong 

12-week virtual training program to shred fat, sculpting lean, strong muscles & build overall performance and mental resilience.

get a sense for the fastfit method of training

What's included

daily workouts. 6 workouts per week (HIIT, MetCon and Strength) to burn calories and promote strength gains. Weekly mobility workout to help reset and recover.  Workouts change and progress each week, so you never get bored or hit a plateau!


MINIMAL EQUIPMENT REQUIRED. all you need is external resistance (resistance bands, kettlebells, hand weights and barbell options shown). If you do not have access to equipment, body weight options are shown as well. 

do anywhere, anytime. program is fully virtual - giving you freedom to complete your workouts anywhere, anytime and on your schedule. 

community of support. you will join the community of other FastFit members where you can seek daily motivation, accountability and support.


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