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Video: A success versus failure mentality

How focusing on the bright spots will make your life so much better...


Hey guys. So I wanna talk about success versus failure. If you're like me and I would like to hope that I'm normal. I don't know. I think so. I have like a natural default sometimes to focus on what's going wrong, where ive fallen short, you know what I haven't done or accomplished for the day. And I wanna tell you like that type of mentality, when we look at our failures, first of all, you feel like shit, when you're focusing on your failures and then like, it kind of reduces your dedication to do stuff.

Right? So like a little drill that I like to do to kind of keep myself in check is like, if I look back at my day and I looked at everywhere, I fail. I feel like shit. Quite honestly, if I look back on my day and I look at all of the successes or what I like to call bright spots, all of a sudden I'm like, man, that was like the best day ever.

I like did this and I did this and I opened the door for a stranger and like, I played volleyball, but I lost, but I had fun. And like I moved my body well, and it was awesome. Right. So as we tend to like, try to bring change into our lives, Our automatic default for a lot of us out there is to focus on what we're doing wrong, where we fell short, you know, not only did like, yeah, I worked out, but like, I didn't push as hard as I wanted to.

And my friends, I just wanna tell you that type of mentality. It does not serve us. It doesn't. So let's just fucking like push it away and like we're done with that. Okay. We're gonna focus on, you know, where we did well. Hey, I worked out today. That's a win right there. I, you know, prioritized whole minimally processed foods.

That's a win right there. You know, I slept as best as I could. I hydrated as best as I could. Like when we focus on those bright spots, first of all, it makes us feel a hell of a lot better. Second of all, it helps increase our dedication to our goal. Right. And we're all here because we have goals. So learning for the day, focus on those bright spots, it will set you up for future success.

It'll make you feel good in here. It'll make you feel good in here. It really is a win-win my friends. Okay. So take care, focus on those bright spots. Look at those successes and then look at how you can make those successes repeatable. Okay. Take care.

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