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Decision Fatigue...YES it's a real thing!!!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Did you know that we have a set amount of will power and decision making capabilities each day? Think about it as a fuel tank which starts full each morning, then, each decision we make throughout the day slowly depletes the tank, and at the end of a long day our tank is empty, with all of our will-power and decision making skills rendered obsolete. That's why, after particularly stressful or taxing days, it's easy to make poor choices near the end of the day - like skipping the gym, eating fast food, or vegging out on the couch. ⁠

To combat this, if you have health, fitness or life goals which require will-power and decisiveness, plan your week and schedule your days in advance - schedule gym-time, prep your meals, write out grocery lists, plan outfits, calls with friends, etc. - the goal is to minimize your "on-the-spot" decision making needs so that you can reserve your will-power to tackle those amazing, brilliant and BIG goals that we know you all have. ⁠

And if health or fitness is one of those goals, and you want some help along the way, click to book a consult with me and I can help you get a plan in place!

If you're interested in learning more about combating a life filled with decision fatigue by creating discipline, I also highly recommend listening to a podcast by one of my favorite life coaches, Brooke Castillo - check out the podcast here to listen:

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