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February Sunnee Blake Fitness Newsletter

Being healthy is easy as 1-2-3

Hello my Beautiful, Gorgeous, Amazingly Awesome Friend! Welcome to the FIRST installment of my 1-2-3 advice email! My goal is to make this short, sweet and packed full of inspiration. So here's...

1 nutrition tip 2 workouts 3 personal growth opportunities

that you can do this month to keep that body & mind in top form...


1 Nutrition Tip

If you're like me, you sometimes find yourself suddenly standing in the kitchen looking for something to eat. To cure mindless eating & eating out of boredom, simply place an "am I hungry??" post-it note on your refrigerator & pantry door. It takes us out of the fog and into the present,  and makes us connect with our tummies. If the answer is "yes" - you eat; if the answer is "no," then its time to figure out why you were there in the first place! 


2 Workouts

I have two AWESOME new workouts for you to try out! 

Click either link to be taken to 30-min SHRED (HIIT) or a 55-min SCULPT (MetCon) workout.

Both are body weight. Both are totally fun. Enjoy!


3 Personal Growth Opportunities

Listen: Kwik Brain, Jim Kwik.

In this podcast, Jim Kwik uncovers the importance of creating a morning routine, and some tips for creating your own. Oh - and the podcast is only 17-minutes!

Watch: Sir Dave Brailsford, The 1% Factor

A short, 3-minute YouTube video where he explains how he implemented small, 1% changes to the British Cycling team, who went from being unnoticed to winning 3 straight Tour De France's after 3 years. This IS the compound effect - how little changes can add up to HUGE results.

Read: You Are a Badass, Jen Sincero.

I read this book every year, and every year I get something different from it. She gives you real talk, and cuts through all the bull $h!t to teach you how to overcome yourself to finally realize your Badass potential.

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