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Video: Focus on the Immediate

Struggling on achieving your goals? Do this ONE thing...


Hello there. So let's talk about goals. we all struggle, right? If you find yourself struggling to make a behavior change or to make a habit, What I want you to do is I want you to focus on the immediate. I want you to focus on one thing you can do today. I want you to focus on one thing you can do right now, which is in your control.

Whether you set a timer on your phone, that's like a water reminder timer. And every time that timer goes off, you drink water. Right. Maybe you're struggling to like feed your mind and your soul, put that book right on your pillow. So that way you see it right before you go to bed, right. Make your behavior change easy.

If you wanna, you know, eat more nutrient dense vegetables, cut up, prepare and put some ready to eat veggies, front and center in your fridge. Right. So that way you can. Eat and go eat and go. So what I want you to do is take a little bit of time, look at your environment, look around you and find one thing.

Just one thing that you can either add to your environment, modify in your environment or change in your environment to get you closer to your goals. So if you're struggling for movement and workout, put your shoes in your workout clothes, like on the dresser, right in front of you, right? Put your workout.

In your car move that, you know, one level of complexity make these goals and these behaviors as easy and simple as possible, the easier the behavior is the easier the goal becomes to achieve. Right? Remember, we're all about the basics here. We're removing complexity and we're making things as easy and simple as possible.

So right now, this is all within all of our control. If you have a goal. And you wanna make it, you know, as easy as possible, look around your environment. Right? When I wanted to start meditating, my friends, I put sticky notes everywhere, and I downloaded a meditation app on my phone. And I put a sleep timer on my phone that went off 10 minutes before I wanted to go to bed that said, okay, sunny.

Now it's time to meditate. Now it's just a habit. I just do it every time before bed it's automatic. But in that beginning, when it wasn't conscious in my mind, It was really difficult for me to remember, oh, I wanna meditate today. Right? So remove the complexity, make the goal as easy to attain as possible by making the behavior in the moment as easy to do as possible.

I gotta tell you my friends, you gotta trust me on this. It will make all of the difference for you.

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