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Video: Pitfalls that prevent you from achieving your goals

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Here are some of the most common pitfalls I see when we're trying to achieve a health goal


Um, today it's a really quick video. I wanna focus on some of the pitfalls that I see, um, amongst some of my clients who tend to struggle when it comes to shifting, um, a behavior. We're gonna focus on three, maybe four pitfalls. And I want you to reflect not only on the past couple of days. But on times in your life where you have achieved goals in times where maybe achieving that goal was a little bit more difficult for you.

And see if you can find some themes and identify if any of these pitfalls you might be falling susceptible to. So the number one thing that I see is what I call the all or nothing mentality. Right. We have a tendency to. Black and white. I know I have a tendency to be black and white. I either did it, or I didn't do it.

I'm either on track to hit my goals or I'm a complete and total failure. And it's in living in this all or nothing mentality that, um, we can start to have some issues, right. So, what tends to happen is, you know, we're like, oh, well, I didn't hit my water goal for the day. I'll just have a couple glasses of wine or, oh, I didn't eat my veggies.

You know, I got nowhere near prioritizing my fruits and veggies for the day. I guess I'll just start back tomorrow. I'm gonna have some more pizza. Um, or, oh, I can't get even, you know, I can't get an hour in for my workout, so I'm just not gonna work out today. What I wanna say is, you know, Do what you can to the best of your ability, give what you can, right?

So let's say it's 4:00 PM. And you realize that you haven't had a vegetable all day. Well, guess what? You still have dinner ahead of you. So prioritize vegetables for dinner. Um, if you look at your calendar and you're like, holy moly, I don't even have an hour for a workout today. Let alone 20. You know, park the furthest distance away when you are running errands, take the stairs.

Right? Um, get up between conference calls. If you work a desk job and start doing squats, right? Get in those little successes where you can't, it's living in this all or nothing mentality that we really set ourselves up to fail versus showing ourselves some grace and ease and doing the best we can with the situation that we.

and second pitfall that I see is when people tend to white knuckle it and rely on motivation alone. And my friend's motivation is highly emotional and it is highly fleeting. So if you're trying to go through this solely on motivation and you have, you know, uh, I'm looking this way, cuz that's where my kitchen is.

You have, you know, sugary cereals in the cupboard. You know, chips and, and things like that. And you're just like, Nope, I'm just not going to eat those over the next couple days. You know, try setting yourself up for success, remove the temptation, um, focus on dedication instead of motivation. Right?

Dedication is something we can control, you know, put post-it notes up all around your apartment or your house reminding you to drink. right. So really looking at, um, instead of just trying to be motivated all the time, just focusing on, you know, I'm dedicated to these goals over the next five days. Um, another pitfall that I see is when people try to go it alone because we are social beings.

Okay. Tell your friends, tell your loved ones, tell your coworker. Better yet, get somebody to do this challenge, this seven day healthy living reset with you, right. Have an accountability partner because we can't hold ourselves accountable all the time. So sometimes, you know, if you're finding that, like you really don't wanna work out, chances are, if you have, you know, plans with a friend to work out, you're not gonna wanna like let them down.

Right. So really don't go it. the final pitfall that I see is when we just wing it. Right. Um, if you follow me on social, you'll understand that. Like I love Jim quick. My favorite quote by him is failing to plan is planning to fail. Okay. So develop a plan, right? Set a water timer for your water, set, a blue light timer, or, you know, put your TV on a timer.

If you're having trouble going to. Um, you know, set yourself up, plan your day with intention. Plan your day around this. When we start to intentionally plan, that plan starts to become a habit. That habit becomes a behavior, and then it just becomes automatic. But if these things don't come automatic to you right now, that's okay.

All you have to do is just make a plan for it. Set yourself up for success. We make a plan, right? A plan allows us to be more dedicated. We have an accountability partner that allows us to be more dedicated. We remove this all or nothing mentality. We show ourselves grace and ease, and we do the best that we can with the situation that we're given that allows us to be dedicated.

So really, you know, if we can just focus on those things, you guys are gonna be set up for ultimate success. So take a look over the last couple days, proactively ask yourself if you've fall into any of these pitfalls and guess what you have all these days ahead of you. And you know what you can start over today could be your day one, go for it, man.

Um, yeah. So there you go. I hope you found this helpful I'm here if you have any questions, take care.

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