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3 Tips To Actually Help With Your Nutrition

Updated: May 30, 2022

Want to re-prioritize your nutrition, in a SIMPLE way? Read on...

How many times have you heard this??

“Carbs make you gain weight, and fat is bad for you”

Any coach can kick your butt and make you lose weight. The problem is that there are so many myths and “quick fixes” out there!

Unless you are training for a physique competition, or are a professional athlete, restricting yourself and spending countless hours training might be one of the most severe, and miserable ways to bring the changes you are looking for.

Nutrition, and weight loss, can actually be quite simple...and you dont have to hate your life to achieve your goals.

Here are my top 3 simple tips to actually help you with your nutrition.

  1. Focus on ADDING foods, versus eliminating foods - restrictions never work. So if you eat more of the good stuff, the not-so-good stuff takes a back seat.

  2. Look at your liquid calories - those sodas, mocha Frappuccino latte’s and happy hour wines can certainly add up!

  3. Prioritize food which most closely resembles what they way they are - instead of apple cinnamon Cheerios, opt for the apple dipped in cinnamon.

And remember - there are no bad foods…there are simply foods which you should prioritize to support your health goals.

What’s the worst nutrition advice you ever received? Reply below.

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