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Client Transformations

Simply put... Sunnee has given me my life back. I found Sunnee on my 3rd year of recovery from a broken vertebrae and 2 herniated discs that I was determined to rehab without surgery. No one wanted to work with me. My history in extreme sports has left me with a laundry list of injuries that scared away everyone I talked to including Doctors. Luckily I got Sunnee to meet with me and I told her my plan and that I needed someone with her experience to guide me. Not scared away Sunnee said she was up for the challenge as long as we worked in conjunction with a Physical Therapist.


Now we are a year in and I can't even quantify the difference in my life. We set small attainable goals and have not stopped progressing. Sunnee's attention is second to none! She is constantly checking in with my levels of pain and discomfort and making adjustments on the fly so I can continue to make gains even when my body is not cooperating. This is something I have never found in a personal trainer. She comes to our sessions with a new plan each day and sometimes has to change it several times on the fly based on what she is seeing in me so I never have to worry about physical plateaus, she has that under control. When it comes to mental plateaus she is always there to help me from looking too far forward so I can stay focused on now. Bottom line is Sunnee can help you reach and exceed any of your fitness and/or recovery goals. 


1 year ago I was struggling to make it through the day. 3 months into working with Sunnee I was Fly fishing 4-6 days a week. 6 months in I am playing roller Hockey (just drills), Boxing a little bit, hiking and working out 3 days a week with Sunnee. Most notably I feel happy again and everyone in my life can see it and feel it. That's the best gift in the world and I have Sunnee's unwavering dedication to my recovery to thank for it! 

Ian N.

​I've always noticed what great shape my teammate Sunnee is in, and how well she nutritionally takes care of her physique.  We both share a great love for volleyball and community. With that said, when volleyball and community were temporarily stripped away due to covid-19, combined with losing my mom, I found myself in a great deal of emotional pain.  This effected both my motivation level, as well as my soul.


Sunnee was very attentive to all that I enjoy in athletics and life. She created a customized and effective plan to target everything I desired to accomplish.  The results were fast and noticeable.  She has a warrior spirit, and it will fuel you. Between who you are and who you could be, she will inspire you to find your way there. I highly recommend you trust her with your goals.

Desiree H.

Mary photo.jpg

Sunnee is amazing!! Her in-home workouts (for busy people like me) are fun, energetic, and effective. It is clear from the videos she creates for the in-home training that she enjoys what she does and that she is good at it. She is also very responsive to any questions or concerns and is ready and willing to troubleshoot any issues you may have, even if you just need some help figuring out your form. I enjoyed her present program so much that I signed on to have her continue to train me after it was over. I highly recommend Coach Sunnee to anyone looking for fun, fast workouts with a great cheerleader!

Mary G.


I did Sunnee’s 60 day MetCon program after the birth of my second child and it was a great way to get back to fitness! Sunnee created effective workouts that I could do from home and were 30-40 minutes max - perfect if you’re short on time. Sunnee is very responsive and helpful even with virtual training. I would highly recommend working with Sunnee! I look forward to working with her 

Colleen M.

I want to give Coach Sunnee a shout out! I used to attend Sunnee's fitness classes when I lived in Denver and when I found out she was launching her own remote fitness program I was beyond excited! Sunnee has a sincere interest in her clients progress. She is supportive, inspiring, motivating, and encouraging. I’ve been doing this program for almost 3 months now and it’s so worth it. She has put her heart into making this what it is. The workouts are effective, dynamic, FUN and challenging. You can do them whenever or wherever and that’s a beautiful thing. Any time you have questions or need an exercise modified/more advanced you can just shoot her a message and get a quick response back. I would 100% recommend this program to anyone. Sunnee will without a doubt make a positive impact on your fitness journey. She did on mine! 

Kaila H.

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